The Very Odd Life of an American named Cliff

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hey if you teach your parrot to say ‘parrot’ it’s probably as close as you’ll get to owning a pokemon

My brother tells a story about his roommate’s parrot, that everyone who came to the house would say “you’re a bird!” to it so the bird would repeat the phrase back, no big. Until one day my brother was alone in the house with it and heard it say, very quietly, “I’m a bird.” My brother almost dropped a plate.

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THIS ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. My graphic designer soul is sobbing

Nothing beats imagination.

Not gonna lie, but the last one I looked at quickly and thought it was a dalek because of the canon. 

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Today in drama, we had two boys act as a gay couple, and this one homophobic kid in my class gets up, and he’s like “i’m going to shove that homosexuality up your ass!” and one of the boys acting gay turns to him, looks him dead in the eye and asks “isn’t that the point?”


honest to god how can you be homophobic and be part of a theater department

that is a very good question

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